The Six Second Resume

You have six seconds. Impress me.

The "free resume template" that you downloaded from the internet is hurting you.  You're in an even worse situation if you tried to wing it and write your own.

A study by TheLadders, involving eye-tracking technology, shows that recruiters spend about six seconds reviewing your resume before making an initial "fit/no fit" decision.

Six seconds.  That's all the time you have to convince the recruiter to move forward with you.  In order to pass the six second review, you need to think like a recruiter and structure your resume to flow a very specific way.

In "The Six Second Resume Guide and Template," I will help you fix your resume to give you the best chance of passing the six second review.

We'll walk through each section of the modern resume and I'll give you do's and don'ts along with strategies and tips to help give you the edge over other candidates.  I am going to show you:

  • Things you have in your resume that seem beneficial but actually make you look unprofessional
  • How your resume structure is hiding your best qualifications
  • How recruiters search and why you aren't showing up in their search results

I'll also give you a template that is built to deliver exactly what recruiters are looking for.

Did you know that:

  • What you say in your "Objective Statement" is enough to get recruiters to shred your resume
  • Recruiters hate one type of common resume format
  • If you're open to relocation or trying to relocate, you will rarely get called by a recruiter unless you use a certain zip code strategy
  • The resume that you use for job boards needs to look different than the one that you use to apply for specific jobs

Download the guide and template now to get my best strategies to pass the six second review.

What others are saying:

"I like my resume so much better this way. Your guide is the best advice I've read to date. It is very concise and easy to implement." - Gail R., Project Manager

"This is the best advice I have received thus far.  It answers many of the questions I have in how to structure my resume after 26 years of military service." - Troy S., USN (ret)

"Saved my resume!"  - Luke B., Transitioning Air Force Officer

"Great, great guide!  This really flows with what Employment Managers look for." - Lloyd L., HR Director

"What I liked about it:  Everything!" - Maggie C., Recruiting Manager

"Awesome service and feedback.  I used the resume and cover letter service; very pleased with the quick turn around and recommendations." - Mike P., Government Civilian